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Sherrilynne Starkie

You need to stop playing at social media marketing right now. It’s no longer just ‘nice to have’. Nor is something you can trust to your intern or your cousin’s kid. You need to be strategic, deliberate and measured with all business communication. In 2022, you will risk just about everything if you remain haphazard in how your business uses social media. Get serious about social media marketing now by contacting us.



Social Media Marketing Services in Ottawa, ON

Sherrilynne Starkie is a social media marketing pioneer having been at the forefront since the technology’s first introduction as a powerful communications medium. Since then, social media has evolved and Sherrilynne has been helping businesses adapt, innovate and grow along with it. She supports clients in navigating this increasingly complex and competitive social media environment to achieve objectives and get the best possible return on investment (ROI). Three-quarters of Canadians are on social media and spend more than three hours online daily. You can’t afford to overlook the power of social media for your business. 

Digital Content Development

Storytelling remains central to effective social media communications and marketing. But in today’s world, we tell stories in many ways. We are excellent social media marketing copywriters, and we offer video production, podcast production, as well as graphic design, and creative social image development.

Facebook Advertising

As a META Pro Partner, we are social media advertising experts who create and implement META ad campaigns that deliver tangible, bottom-line results. META is always introducing new social media features and services, and we get early access. We also provide advanced analytics and insights. We have a strong relationship with META and regularly talk to the team to ensure our clients get the best social media value.

Social Media Strategy

Drawing upon owned, earned, shared, and paid media marketing activities, we devise smart strategies and creative campaigns that deliver lasting social impact. Every organization has a range of stakeholder business communities that it depends upon for success. Whether it’s employees, investors, customers, partners, or any other group, having an effective social media strategy is the key to building strong relationships.

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing


Today Canadians practically live online, and competition for their attention has never been fiercer. Cutting through takes sophisticated social media strategies, technology expertise and a marketing and communications track record for success.It also takes time, effort and a wide range of skills that most in-house marketing teams just don’t have.  

That’s where our team comes in. We have the specialist social media skills, smart digital strategies, content marketing talent you need. 


More About the Sherrilynne Starkie Team

Sherrilynne Starkie brings 25+ years of marketing, communications and PR experience to the team. She’s a social media pioneer who’s focused 100% on digital for more than 15 years.  Her team of digital natives is smart, nimble and effective. We’re Ottawa-based, serving Canadian and US clients via our virtual digital marketing agency model. Our services include social media marketing, digital PR, media relations, content marketing, digital advertising, digital content development, social media management, social media training & coaching, video and podcast production and more. 

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